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Gerrit Visser was born in 1903.



This website is trying to provide all the information about (semi-)professional footballplayers from Dutch origin who currently play in foreign competitions or played abroad once.


This website started in early summer 1997. Two friends talked in a pub about ideas for a new website. The site should meet both interests of the friends and, more important maybe, should be attractive and interested for other visitors to visit the site more than once. There in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, was the plan launched about making a website about the Dutch Players Abroad. The first site was designed in the '1997-common style' on the webspace of one of the founders. In 1999, after two years active and a lot of positive comments, a Canadian company called Actfit started the idea of giving free webspace and a domain for sports interested site. was born, our first and easy to remember domain. At the end of 1999, we received a mail from a Belgian journalist with the message that he has written an article about the site. Our first recommendation in the media! The sponsoring from the website ended in 2000 and our domain expired. In March 2001 we acquired our own domain. However, it took until September 2001 when the site was filled up with information serving you!


Dutch Players Abroad is dedicated to all the Dutchmen playing in football-leagues abroad. It includes (semi-)professional footballplayers in leagues around the world. You can find a lot of information about those players. Information about players who once played abroad are also available. However, the last category is unfortunately not completely covered.


Dutch Players Abroad was found in 1997. Since 1997 many things changed in the football world and in the world of the founders of the website. A couple of different designs of the website and increasing numbers of player profiles in our database. However, it was all still done in leisure time and the objective was never to make it a commercial website. Unfortunately plans to adjust it to the newest webdesign standards and search methods were stranded. The design is still do-able but we were definitely aware of the old fashioned design. Editing staff also changed during the times, but nowadays it all is done by one of the two founders. What will the future bring? Still trying to update all the active players. Sometimes also adding retired famous one. A future request is also to add the successful Dutch woman football players. We will see..


  • Xander (chief editor/webprogramming)
  • Original idea by Xander and Erik
  • Many thanks to Bas Schreurs, Sebas Meijwes and the anonymous contributor
  • Original design by Andreas Viklund
  • Finally

    Thanks to everybody who gave us the information and pictures of Dutch players. We hope you will enjoy your visit and will remember the Dutchmen abroad. If you have suggestions, questions or additions about this page, please contact us with the feedback form.