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Gerrit Visser was born in 1903.


Dennis Bergkamp

Dennis  Bergkamp
Birthdate:May 10, 1969 in Amsterdam
International:79(37) caps(goals)
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):Arsenal FC (Eng), Inter Milan (Ita), Ajax, Wilskracht SNL
Dennis 'the non-flying Dutchman, the Dutch maestro' Bergkamp has ended his professional career after 20 seasons of football.

Starting in the Ajax youth academy, Bergkamp played several successful seasons in Amsterdam. Together with Wim Jonk, Bergkamp went abroad in 1993. He went for two seasons to Italy where he won the UEFA Cup. Not feeling very happy, he decided to change countries and joined Arsenal in 1995.

Dennis Bergkamp became a very popular and successful player at the London club. After a few contract extensions, Bergkamp finally decided to end his career at Arsenal in June 2006. He has played 11 seasons for Arsenal of London. His final match was on the bench in the lost Champions League final against Barcelona. A sad end for the legendary footballplayer.

Last update: July 22, 2006