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Roel Brouwers was born in 1981.


Gert Goolkate

Gert  Goolkate
Birthdate:October 22, 1970 in Enschede
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):Eintracht Nordhorn (Ger), SC Münster 08 (Ger), SG Burgsteinfurt (Ger), SV Vosta, Zuid Eschmarke
Gert Goolkate never played professional football in the Netherlands. After the amateur clubs of Zuid Eschmarke and Vosta in his hometown Enschedé, Goolkate crossed the border and never returned home. His best period was at Eintracht Nordhorn when he managed to score 44 goals in one season (current record in Oberliga).

He hang up his boots in June 2007 to go for a player/manager role at the amateurs of SV Wietmarschen.

Last update: December 01, 2008