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Garry Mendes Rodrigues was born in 1990.


Mark van den Boogaart

Mark van den Boogaart
Birthdate:September 03, 1985 in Arnhem
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):AFC, Rijnsburgse Boys, Barendrecht, Real Murcia (Spa), NEC, Sevilla Atlético (Spa), FC Dordrecht, Sevilla Atlético (Spa), Feyenoord
Youth player van den Boogaart changed in August 2005 the Feyenoord youth selection for the Sevilla B selection. After one season at the youth selection, he moved home to sign a 1-year loancontract at FC Dordrecht.

In Janary 2007 decided the Spanish club to get the defender back because Dordrecht could not afford the financials Sevilla asked for the loan-deal. His contract was expiring in the summer and after a trial, he moved home and joined NEC Nijmegen on a 1-year contract. His contract was extended until 2009 but the player did not play a lot of matches for NEC because of an heavy injury.

In August 2009 he signed a one year contract at Real Murcia (Segunda División). When a new coach came after a few matches, Van en Boogaart saw his play chances decreasing. At the end of the season his contract was not extended and he returned home.

Van den Boogaart played from 2010-12 for the Dutch Topklasse team of Barendrecht. From 2012 until 2015 he played at the Topklasse semi-professional club Rijnsburgse Boys. In summer 2015 he joined AFC Amsterdam, also from the Topklasse. In July 2018 he hang up his boots and retired from professional football permanently.

Last update: December 27, 2018