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Peter Houtman was born in 1957.

Regi Blinker was born in 1969.

Tjaronn Chery was born in 1988.

Eddy Vorm was born in 1989.

Rajiv van la Parra was born in 1991.


Lucien Seymour

Lucien  Seymour
Birthdate:July 11, 1983
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):Dutch Lions FC (USA), RVVH, Delta Sport, VVV Venlo, SVV, RBC, Excelsior
Seymour moved abroad in April 2011 to the Dayton Dutch Lion FC. He signed a 3-year contract but played only in the 2011 season abroad. At the end of the 2011 season, Seymour returned home to his former amateur club RVVH Ridderkerk.
Last update: April 09, 2012