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Erik Regtop was born in 1968.

Marco Sas was born in 1971.

Tarik Oulida was born in 1974.

Jeroen van Staveren was born in 1981.

Ron Vlaar was born in 1985.


Mitchell Kappenberg

Mitchell  Kappenberg
Birthdate:May 05, 1986 in Haarlem
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):VV Ter Leede, Chiangrai United (Tha), Almere City, HHC Hardenberg, FC Omniworld, AZ, FC Groningen, Zwarte Schapen, ASC Waterwijk
Mitchell Kappenberg moved to Thailand in summer 2013. He signed at Chiangrai United where Dutchman Henk Wisman is coaching for the 2013 season. At the end of the season he returned home. In January 2014 he moved to VV Ter Leede from the Dutch Topklasse (third tier). In July 2017 he continued his career at lower amateur level.
Last update: June 17, 2018