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Graeme Rutjes was born in 1960.

Paul Bosvelt was born in 1970.

Pascal Reyans was born in 1970.

Marlon Pereira was born in 1987.


Jan-Willem Staman

Jan-Willem  Staman
Birthdate:January 09, 1984 in Nijverdal
Current club:Rovers FC (Guam)
Former club(s):Quality Distributors (Gua), Paintco Strykers (Gua), VV DES, FC Twente
Jan-Willem Staman started his football career at the youth academy of FC Twente before moving to the amateurs of DES.

Staman moved to the island of Guam in 2011 where he started playing for Paintco Strykers. In 2013 he left the club for Quality Distributors. In 2016 he moved again to play for Rovers FC also from Guam.

Staman has also been called up to the Guam National Football Team in 2015, and has played in several national games with even a Worldcup 2018 qualification.

Staman is married to an American woman named Marylou. He currently works full-time at an aquarium, is a part-time dive instructor and is also playing football sometimes.

Last update: August 11, 2018