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Garry Mendes Rodrigues was born in 1990.


Maarten Boddaert

Maarten  Boddaert
Birthdate:September 12, 1989 in Roosendaal
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):Adelaide Comets (Aus), FC Den Bosch, RBC Roosendaal, RKVV Roosendaal
Maarten Boddaert moved to Australia for the 2017 season. He signed a one-year contract at Adelaide Comets at the end of 2016. The Roosendaal-born player had left FC Den Bosch in the summer of 2016 so he moved to Southern Australia on a free transfer. In August 2017 he returned home from his adventure Down Under. Boddaert retired from professional football and was going to the amateurs of Achilles Veen.
Last update: August 11, 2018