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Maarten Stekelenburg was born in 1982.

Lorenzo Rimkus was born in 1984.

Miquel Nelom was born in 1990.


Gerrit Keizer

Gerrit  Keizer
Birthdate:August 18, 1910 in Amsterdam
International:2(0) caps(goals)
Current club:Retired
Former club(s):Ajax, QPR (Eng), Charlton Athletic (Eng), Arsenal (Eng), Margrate (Eng), Ajax, DEO
Gerard 'Gerrit' Keizer was the second Dutchman playing abroad. After playing as goalkeeper for Ajax, he moved abroad in 1930 to play for Margrate (a satellite club of Arsenal) and Arsenal itself. It was a short spell and he continued in London at Charlton and QPR before returning home. From 1933 to 1948 he played football at his former club Ajax.
Last update: February 25, 2017