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Iwan Redan was born in 1980.

Charlison Benschop was born in 1989.

Leandro Bacuna was born in 1991.

Lars Veldwijk was born in 1991.


Henk Veerman

Henk  Veerman
Birthdate:February 26, 1991 in Volendam
Current club:St. Pauli (Germany)
Contract until:2021
Former club(s):Heerenveen, Volendam, RKAV, EVC Edam
In August 2018 SC Heerenveen striker Henk Veerman moved abroad. He signed a 3-year contract at FC Sankt Pauli in the 2. Bundesliga. Veerman started his career in his hometown Volendam and has played for 2,5 season in Heerenveen before his move abroad.
Last update: September 22, 2018